Welcome to the obgyn-101.org website, dedicated to professionals learning women’s healthcare and their patients seeking insight.

Here are a number of resources we’ve produced to help you in developing your knowledge and skills:


This resource makes learning about women’s healthcare simple and efficient. Loaded with text and images, you can access it as a textbook, looking up important topics, or go directly to the “Learning Objectives” to quickly get up to speed.

OBGYN Skills Lab

Online access to 44 full-length “How to do it” training videos, designed for those learning introductory obstetrics and gynecology.

OBGYN Morning Rounds

A virtual clinical clerkship for M3s. This online simulator includes Morning Rounds, Interactive Outpatient Clinic, Operating Room, Afternoon Lectures, and a Skills Lab.


Sometimes, watching someone show you how to do a procedure is much more valuable than reading about it in a book. Here are a collection of videos that will make your learning much easier.

OBGYN Grayhaired Notes Podcasts

Listen to these brief and succinct discussions with your mobile device during downtime or during your commute. Distributed through iTunes.

Military Obstetrics & Gynecology

While based on the same fundamental scientific and medical principles as healthcare in conventional settings, Military OBGYN may be modified, sometimes substantially modified, to account for limited resources, tactical circumstances, or environmental realities.

Brookside Associates

The Brookside Associates Medical Education Division offers a variety of educational offerings that may interest you.

Nursing 411

Designed by and for nurses, this website is filled with educational videos and free distance learning opportunities. Several OBGYN modules are available as well as other basic and advanced nursing training.

Obstetric and Newborn Care I

This educational program is based on the US Army’s distance learning course, with multimedia additions by the Brookside Associates. It covers Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology, Embryology and Fetal Development, Diagnosis of Pregnancy, Psychologic Needs During Pregnancy, Physiologic Changes, Prenatal Care, Personal Hygiene and Care, Minor Discomforts, Patient Education,  and Fetal Positions and Adaptations.

Obstetric and Newborn Care II

This educational program is based on the US Army’s distance learning course, with multimedia additions by the Brookside Associates. It covers:

 –  Complications of Pregnancy
–  Stages of Labor and Nursing Care
–  Precipitate and Emergency Delivery
–  Management of Obstetric Discomfort During Labor
–  Special Situations in Labor and Delivery
–  The Postpartal Patient
–  Characteristics of the Typical Newborn Infant
–  Care of the Normal Newborn Infant
–  Newborn Nutrition
–  The Premature Infant
–  The Sick Neonate

Introductory Obstetrics & Gynecology